The Importance Of Employee Engagement..

The Importance Of Employee Engagement..

Having engaged employees can make all the difference. It’s easy to tell an engaged employee from one who isn’t as much. Engaged employees are more likely to go above and beyond to help and provide added value to the organisation.

The importance of employee engagement can’t be underestimated – employee engagement strategies have been proven to reduce staff turnover, improve productivity and efficiency, retain customers at a higher rate and increase profits.

According to some research more than a quarter of employees are at a high-risk of turnover. In addition to that one-third of those at high risk for turnover are talented, motivated employees who exceed performance expectations.

Research conducted by Glassdoor in 2016 reported that 53% of employees are confident that if they quit or lost their current job, they would be able to find a comparable position within six months, further showing the importance of engagement. If you fail to engage your employees, they’ll soon leave you for another job where they feel they are.

There is a growing number of employee engagement tools you can use to get your employees engaged, however you should be wary of the common issues surrounding them that may overcomplicate the issue or not provide you with the desired results. Perhaps you sent an annual survey, one which took a long time to produce, and even longer for staff to complete before you could even begin analysing the results.

The best way to raise engagement would be to employ these strategies

You need the following strategies:

  • A top-down commitment to engagement as culture
  • To define your engaged purpose
  • An understanding of engagement principles
  • The ability to measure and score engagement levels on an ongoing basis

You have to know the basics of how to inspire your workforce and reward their efforts, have a way to measure the results of your actions, and commit to making engagement a priority.

Disengaged employees can really suppress the potential of your business. The issues ut brings about affect the whole company through employee productivity, retention, absenteeism and even presenteeism, if your company hasn’t recognized the issue of disengaged employees, then now’s the time to do so.


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