Why Performance Management is vital to SME Business Success:

Why Performance Management is vital to SME Business Success:

Performance management is a process aimed at developing employees, so that people perform their job to the standards required and give of their best.   

People tend to think about Performance Management as either appraisal or action to address a performance issue but providing employees with regular feedback and practical ways to improve their work performance is the essence of a good performance management process. These regular conversations should be motivational and developmental and will increase ‘discretionary effort’.

The Performance Management process focuses on improving skills that will help an employee do their job better and contribute more to organisational success necessitates strategic alignment of individual’s contribution to the wider group and organisational goals. Part of this process is setting  individual objectives which link or have ‘line of sight’ to the organisation’s objectives. 

Because performance management is a process that aligns individual goals with group and organisational goals, it is a strategic process with implications for individual career growth, promotion, remuneration & reward, or employee exit.  

A well-planned, systematic approach to performance management will improve:

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Employee Engagement &
  • Productivity

Because Performance Management is so vital to organisational success and widely misunderstood by SME business owners and managers, Human Capital Department are running an online training course over three two-hour sessions on 27/09/21, 13/10/21 and 03/11/21 

Contact us to register your interest email: info@humancapitaldept.com


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