Total Rewards

Our Salary Benchmark

Would you like to know where your salaries and remuneration sits relative to the market?

  • Ensuring that your salaries and reward packages are at least in-line with the market will help to address short-term employee turnover & retention issues.
  • We use up to date market data for all regions across the world which we will use to compare your employee data in terms of compensation & benefits with the latest market pay and benefits. Out consultant will set up a meeting with you to select the list of competitors to benchmark your data against.
  • Our report will include each position benchmark and all benefits and policies in the market. Salary Scale is included with Compa Ratio Analysis to compare each employee’s pay with the market.

Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is a structured way of measuring a specific job value compared to other positions within an organisation.

The Job Evaluation Methodology will cover the following factors matching all job descriptions:

  • Impact. (Identify if the job is strategic, tactical, or operational)
  • Communication. 
  • Team & Breadth. 
  • Knowledge & Expertise.
  • Complexity. 
  • Contribution To The Business.

Pie Chart

Our employee rewards experts offer guidance, tools, and resources to tailor and effectively deliver and measure your rewards strategy. Key capabilities include:

Rewards strategy: Determine the right total rewards strategy and implement base pay and incentive plans for employees or executives, designed to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Benchmark data: Our robust compensation benchmark data uses the most accurate and up-to-date market data practices for evaluating and establishing competitive compensation.

Skills-based talent strategies: Unlock organizational capability by focusing on skills and experiences that will empower the right employee experiences.

Technology integration: Optimize your human resources management system (HRMS) with a well-designed job architecture.

Communicating rewards: Use a virtual platform consulting services to form meaningful connections with employees about their careers, benefits, and well-being.

Employee listening: Tap into the employee experience with pulse surveys, digital focus groups, and more – and turn employee data into actionable insights that inform your employee rewards strategy.

Pay equity analysis: Conduct a pay equity study and leverage Human Capital Department’s Pay Equity Tool to drill down on pay gaps and improve equity within your organization.

Pay transparency: Create a compelling and transparent rewards story for your employees, candidates, customers, and other stakeholders.