Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

How employees and managers feel about their work really matters and effects their level of commitment and performance.

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Will your employees go the extra mile?

Studies show that when employees are highly engaged, businesses will see:

  • Employees showing more positive workplace behaviour.
  • Improved Key Performance Indicators [KPI’s].  
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction, Reduced Waste, Increased Efficency, Sales and Profitability. 

On the other hand, disengaged employees will show increased employee sickness absence, staff turnover, lack of focus and effort, and generally poor productivity. 

Our employee engagement tool measures the level and extent of engagement, and enables us to develop strategies to improve engagement in your organisation.  

Our Employee Engagement Survey tool enables organisations to:

  • Measure and track levels of employee engagement. 
  • Gather data at an individual, departmental and functional level.
  • Develop an action plan that ensures your talent is either fully engaged, or re-engaged.  

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“It was interesting to undertake the Employee Engagement Survey - it produced a lot of data about how our employees felt about our workplace - but it was difficult to know what steps we needed to take to get our people to re-engage. Human Capital Department produced an easy to understand report and action plan which we followed with amazing results.”

Emma Queen, Partner, Thomas Quinn.